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Attributes for Reading Images from Kodak DC40 Cameras

The image command READ supports reading from Kodak DC 40 digital cameras only under Windows 95 and Windows 98 cameras and scanners. When you read images from these devices, you must include the DEVICE= attribute with the command.When you use DEVICE=CAMERA, you must also specify either TAKEPIC or PICNUM=. For example:

rc=imgop(taskid,'READ','kodakdc40','device=camera takepic');

The TAKEPIC and PICNUM commands are mutually exclusive. The DELLAST and DELALL commands are also mutually exclusive.

You can specify the RESET or RES command only if the camera is empty. Use the DELALL command to empty the camera.

You can use the FLASH and EXPOSE options to control the flash unit and exposure. You can also change the flash and exposure settings manually on the camera itself.

Any changes that you make by specifying the RES, FLASH, and EXPOSE commands will be in effect until you change them again.

Attributes for Reading Images from Kodak DC40 Cameras
Attribute Description
DELLAST Deletes the last image as the picture is returned from the camera. Specifying this option limits the number of images the camera can hold.
DELALL Deletes all of the images in the camera (empties the camera).
Shifts the exposure under or over the automatic exposure setting. You can specify +1, +.5, 0, -.5, or -1.
Sets the flash unit to AUTO, ON, or OFF.
PICNUM=n Gets picture number n.
PORT=n Specifies the serial port number of the camera. The default is to search for and automatically detect the camera.
RES=resolution Sets the resolution. You can specify HIGH or LOW. You cannot change the resolution after pictures have been taken.
RESET Resets the camera to default values.
TAKEPIC Takes a photo and returns it.
THUMB Returns a thumbnail-sized image instead of a full-sized image.

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