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SAS/SHARE User's Guide

Locking Message Format

SAS/SHARE delivers an informational or error message if you attempt to access a data object that is already in use or is locked by another operation. The message takes the following form:

object is status by whom

SAS data library | SAS data member | SAS data file observation or catalog

locked for exclusive access| in use | not locked

you | user user(server-connection-number) | n other users of this server| task FSEDIT (server-connection-number)

The messages explain the status of the data object that is being accessed. To recover, you usually must wait until the data object is available or find out when the data object will be available by talking to the person who has locked the object.

Examples of typical messages follow:

NOTE: SASUSER.MYLIB is not locked or in use by you, 
but is locked for exclusive access by user sasuser(1).

The SAS data library that is referenced by MYLIB is locked by userid SASUSER(1). A lock on a library prevents other clients from reading, updating, or deleting existing SAS files in the library or from creating new SAS files in the library. The lock also prevents other clients from obtaining a list of files in the library. It does not prevent client operations from issuing LIBNAME statements to access the library, but it does prevent them from using SAS files in the library while it is locked.

You must wait for userid SASUSER(1) to unlock the library before you can use it.

MYLIB.MYCAT.CATALOG is not locked or in use by you,
but is in use by 2 other users of this server.

Because two users are already accessing the MYCAT member in the MYLIB library, you can infer that no locks have been set on the catalog, and that client operations are reading catalog entries or adding entries to the catalog. Although you may browse the catalog or add entries to the catalog, you cannot attempt to lock the catalog until there are no client operations using it.

MYLIB.MYCAT.MYCATENTRY.CMAP is not locked by sasuser(1).

The catalog entry MYCATENTRY of type CMAP in the catalog MYLIB.MYCAT is not locked by userid SASUSER(1). This message results when user SASUSER attempts to unlock a catalog entry that another client has locked.

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