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Adds server attributes to the server information table.



Typically, this macro is used in the member SERVERID of the APPLSYS macro library.

A server information table is created to contain information about the servers at your site. You can use this information in a program or you can display it. By default, the table contains the following type of information:

This table can also be used to specify other characteristics of a server or its users or administrators, such as server access passwords, PROC SERVER statement options, and the release of SAS software that the server is running under.

Optional arguments to the SERVINFO macro follow:

specifies a default value for the REMOTE engine's RMTVIEW= option in the LIBNAME statement. If you specify this parameter, the LIBDEF macro generates by default the RMTVIEW=value for any LIBNAME statement that specifies this server. This parameter is overridden by the RMTVIEW= parameter in the SERVLIB and LIBDEF macros.

specifies a network node name that is represented by the high-level qualifier in a two-level server name. When a two-level server name is specified in a PROC OPERATE or a LIBNAME statement and the high-level qualifier cannot be found as a network node, the server name is treated as the name of a macro variable whose value is the node name. This substitution is useful when the node name is not a valid SAS name. If you specify NETNODE= in the server information table, the SERVERID macro generates the following code in an application, the first time that it translates an alias for that serverid:

%LET high-level-qualifier=network-node;

where high-level-qualifier is the high-level qualifier in the serverid that is specified in the positional parameter and network-node is the value of NETNODE=.

If the high-level qualifier in the serverid is also the high-level qualifier in the full network node name, you may omit it from the value of NETNODE= by beginning the NETNODE= value with a period (.).

For example, if the server SHRSERV runs on HP1.03.DOM2.ACME.COM, you would specify

%servinfo (hp.shrserv,;
The SERVERID macro generates

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