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SAS/SHARE User's Guide

SAS/SHARE Software Components

SAS/SHARE software consists of two procedures and an engine:

SERVER procedure
manages and performs input and output requests to SAS files on behalf of SAS client and clients that are not SAS applications.

OPERATE procedure
manages server, library, and client resources. For example, with PROC OPERATE, among the operations you can perform are: allocate a library to a server, free a library, stop a server, re-start a server, and display information about clients.

REMOTE engine
enables a client SAS session to access SAS data by means of a SAS/SHARE server. (The REMOTE engine is also licensed and distributed as part of SAS/CONNECT software.)

The REMOTE engine does not operate directly on files in a SAS data library; instead, it communicates with a SAS server. Each client runs a private copy of the REMOTE engine to communicate with a server.

A server uses one or more library engines or view engines to operate directly on files in SAS data libraries that clients access through the server. The server routes requests from the REMOTE engine to the appropriate engine for the SAS library or the file that the client accesses. A server's default library engine is specified by the ENGINE= system option. In Version 8, the V8 engine is used by default.

You may override the default and specify another engine when you start a server. Other engines are documented in the SAS documentation for your operating environment.

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