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SAS/SHARE User's Guide

Using the Server Log Analysis Tools

SAS Institute provides a set of sample programs that you can use as a basis for developing your own programs to analyze server log data. These sample programs are accessible through SAS help -> Sample Code -> SAS/SHARE. Names and descriptions of the sample programs follow:

is a driver program that automates the execution of all the other programs.

is a look-up table that associates a macro variable with each message number that is generated in the server log. For example, the DINIMSG macro variable is assigned to the 43131 message number, which corresponds to a PROC SERVER start-up.

converts the server's log from a file into a SAS data file.

creates a set of SAS data files from the SAS data file that is generated by SLTOOL1.SAS and stores the files in library SLOGDATA. Each of the created files relates to specific data that is collected in the log. For example, SLOGDATA.SERVINFO is a data file that records the server's name and the times that it started and stopped.

is a sample program.

is another sample program.

Before you use these programs, you must tune them to suit your host operating environment and your log analysis needs. Running an untuned program produces unpredictable results.

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