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SAS/SHARE User's Guide

Customizing the Programs

SLTOOL0.SAS is a model driver program that you can use to automate the execution of the set of programs all together. As an alternative, you may run them individually in consecutive order.


The first line associates the fileref INLOG with a host-specific name for a file that contains the server log. In this example '.TESTLOG' is the name of the file that contains the server log on a CMS host. In the second line, the LIBNAME statement associates libref SLOGDATA with the host-specific SAS data library '.SLOGDATA'. These two lines identify the external file as input and specify a SAS data library in which to write out SAS data files.

The remaining lines in the driver program are SAS INCLUDE macro statements, which read and execute each named program consecutively.

Modify the FILENAME and LIBNAME statements in SLTOOL0.SAS to specify your server's log and the repository for the SAS data files, respectively.

SLTOOLM.SAS, SLTOOL1.SAS, and SLTOOL2.SAS do not require modification. They can be run as supplied to produce SAS data files that contain information about the server's session. Those data files are the input to the analysis phase, which is performed by the programs in SLTOOL3.SAS and SLTOOL4.SAS.

You typically customize the SLTOOL3.SAS and SLTOOL4.SAS programs to produce the analyses of your server that are most relevant to your investigation.

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