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The ANOVA Procedure


The following statements are available in PROC ANOVA.

PROC ANOVA < options > ;
CLASS variables ;
MODEL dependents=effects < / options > ;
ABSORB variables ;
BY variables ;
FREQ variable ;
MANOVA < test-options >< / detail-options > ;
MEANS effects < / options > ;
REPEATED factor-specification < / options > ;
TEST < H=effects > E=effect ;

The PROC ANOVA, CLASS, and MODEL statements are required, and they must precede the first RUN statement. The CLASS statement must precede the MODEL statement. If you use the ABSORB, FREQ, or BY statement, it must precede the first RUN statement. The MANOVA, MEANS, REPEATED, and TEST statements must follow the MODEL statement, and they can be specified in any order. These four statements can also appear after the first RUN statement.

The following table summarizes the function of each statement (other than the PROC statement) in the ANOVA procedure:

Table 17.1: Statements in the ANOVA Procedure
Statement Description
ABSORBabsorbs classification effects in a model
BYspecifies variables to define subgroups for the analysis
CLASSdeclares classification variables
FREQspecifies a frequency variable
MANOVAperforms a multivariate analysis of variance
MEANScomputes and compares means
MODELdefines the model to be fit
REPEATEDperforms multivariate and univariate repeated measures analysis of variance
TESTconstructs tests using the sums of squares for effects and the error term you specify

PROC ANOVA Statement

ABSORB Statement

BY Statement

CLASS Statement

FREQ Statement

MANOVA Statement

MEANS Statement

MODEL Statement

REPEATED Statement

TEST Statement

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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