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The CANCORR Procedure

ODS Table Names

PROC CANCORR assigns a name to each table it creates. You can use these names to reference the table when using the Output Delivery System (ODS) to select tables and create output data sets. These names are listed in the following table. For more information on ODS, see Chapter 15, "Using the Output Delivery System."

Table 20.2: ODS Tables Produced in PROC CANCORR
ODS Table Name Description Statement Option
AvgRSquareAverage R-Squares (weighted and unweighted)PROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) SMC (or ALL)
CanCorrCanonical correlationsPROC CANCORRdefault
CanStructureVCanCorrelations between the VAR canonical variables and the VAR and WITH variablesPROC CANCORRdefault (unless SHORT)
CanStructureWCanCorrelations between the WITH canonical variables and the WITH and VAR variablesPROC CANCORRdefault (unless SHORT)
ConfidenceLimits95% Confidence limits for the regression coefficientsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) CLB (or ALL)
CorrCorrelations among the original variablesPROC CANCORRCORR (or ALL)
CorrOnPartialPartial correlationsPARTIALCORR (or ALL)
CorrRegCoefEstCorrelations among the regression coefficient estimatesPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) CORRB (or ALL)
MultStatMultivariate statisticsdefault 
NObsNVarNumber of observations and variablesPROC CANCORRSIMPLE (or ALL)
ParCorrPartial correlationsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) PCORR (or ALL)
ProbtRegCoefProb > |t| for the regression coefficientsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) PROBT (or ALL)
RawCanCoefVRaw canonical coefficients for the var variablesPROC CANCORRdefault (unless SHORT)
RawCanCoefWRaw canonical coefficients for the with variablesPROC CANCORRdefault (unless SHORT)
RawRegCoefRaw regression coefficientsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) B (or ALL)
RedundancyCanonical redundancy analysisPROC CANCORRREDUNDANCY (or ALL)
RegressionSquared multiple correlations and F testsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) SMC (or ALL)
RSquareRMSEOnPartialR-Squares and RMSEs on PARTIALPARTIALCORR (or ALL)
SemiParCorrSemi-partial correlationsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) SPCORR (or ALL)
SimpleStatisticsSimple statisticsPROC CANCORRSIMPLE (or ALL)
SqMultCorrCanonical redundancy analysis: squared multiple correlationsPROC CANCORRREDUNDANCY (or ALL)
SqParCorrSquared partial correlationsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) SQPCORR (or ALL)
SqSemiParCorrSquared semi-partial correlationsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) SQSPCORR (or ALL)
StdCanCoefVStandardized Canonical coefficients for the VAR variablesPROC CANCORRdefault (unless SHORT)
StdCanCoefWStandardized Canonical coefficients for the WITH variablesPROC CANCORRdefault (unless SHORT)
StdErrRawRegCoefStandard errors of the raw regression coefficientsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) SEB (or ALL)
StdRegCoefStandardized regression coefficientsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) STB (or ALL)
StdRegCoefOnPartialStandardized regression coefficients on PARTIALPARTIALCORR (or ALL)
tValueRegCoeft values for the regression coefficientsPROC CANCORRVDEP (or WDEP) T (or ALL)

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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