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The CORRESP Procedure

ODS Table Names

PROC CORRESP assigns a name to each table it creates. You can use these names to reference the table when using the Output Delivery System (ODS) to select tables and create output data sets. These names are listed in the following table. For more information on ODS, see Chapter 15, "Using the Output Delivery System."

Table 24.8: ODS Tables Produced in PROC CORRESP
ODS Table Name Description Option
AdjInGreenacreGreenacre Inertia AdjustmentGREENACRE
AdjInBenzecriBenz\acute{e}cri Inertia AdjustmentBENZECRI
BinaryBinary tableOBSERVED, BINARY
BinaryPctBinary table percentsOBSERVED, BINARY *
BurtBurt tableOBSERVED, MCA
BurtPctBurt table percentsOBSERVED, MCA *
CellChiSqContributions to Chi SquareCELLCHI2
CellChiSqPctContributions, pctsCELLCHI2 *
ColBestCol best indicatorsdefault
ColContrCol contributions to inertiadefault
ColCoorsCol coordinatesdefault
ColProfilesCol profilesCP
ColProfilesPctCol profiles, pctsCP *
ColQualMassInCol quality, mass, inertiadefault
ColSqCosCol squared cosinesdefault
DFDF, Chi Square (not displayed)default
DeviationsObserved - expected freqsDEVIATIONS
DeviationsPctObserved - expected pctsDEVIATIONS *
ExpectedExpected frequenciesEXPECTED
ExpectedPctExpected percentsEXPECTED *
InertiasInertia decomposition tabledefault
ObservedObserved frequenciesOBSERVED
ObservedPctObserved percentsOBSERVED *
RowBestRow best indicatorsdefault
RowContrRow contributions to inertiadefault
RowCoorsRow coordinatesdefault
RowProfilesRow profilesRP
RowProfilesPctRow profiles, pctsRP *
RowQualMassInRow quality, mass, inertiadefault
RowSqCosRow squared cosinesdefault
SupColCoorsSupp col coordinatesdefault
SupColProfilesSupp col profilesCP
SupColProfilesPctSupp col profiles, pctsCP *
SupColQualitySupp col qualitydefault
SupColsSupplementary col freqOBSERVED
SupColsPctSupplementary col pctsOBSERVED *
SupColSqCosSupp col squared cosinesdefault
SupRowsSupplementary row freqsOBSERVED
SupRowCoorsSupp row coordinatesdefault
SupRowProfilesSupp row profilesRP
SupRowProfilesPctSupp row profiles, pctsRP *
SupRowQualitySupp row qualitydefault
SupRowsPctSupplementary row pctsOBSERVED *
SupRowSqCosSupp row squared cosinesdefault

*Percents are displayed when you specify the PRINT=PERCENT or PRINT=BOTH option.

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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