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The KRIGE2D Procedure


The following statements are available in PROC KRIGE2D.

PROC KRIGE2D options ;
COORDINATES | COORD coordinate-variables ;
GRID grid-options ;
PREDICT | PRED | P predict-options ;
MODEL model-options ;

The PREDICT and MODEL statements are hierarchical; the PREDICT statement is followed by one or more MODEL statements. All the MODEL statements following a PREDICT statement use the variable and neighborhood specifications in that PREDICT statement.

You must specify at least one PREDICT statement and one MODEL statement. You must supply a single COORDINATES statement to identify the x and y coordinate variables in the input data set. You must also specify a single GRID statement to include the grid information.

The following table outlines the options available in PROC KRIGE2D classified by function.

Table 34.1: Options Available in the KRIGE2D Procedure
Task Statement Option
Data Set Options  
specify input data setPROC KRIGE2DDATA=
specify grid data setGRIDGDATA=
specify model data setMODELMDATA=
write kriging estimates and standard errorsPROC KRIGE2DOUTEST=
write neighborhood information for each grid pointPROC KRIGE2DOUTNBHD=
Declaring the Role of Variables  
specify the variables to be estimated (kriged)PREDICTVAR=
specify the x and y coordinate variables in the DATA= data setCOORDINATESXC= YC=
specify the x and y coordinate variables in the GDATA= data setGRIDXC= YC=
Controlling Kriging Neighborhoods  
specify the radius of a neighborhood for all grid pointsPREDICTRADIUS=
specify the number of neighbors for all grid pointsPREDICTNUMPOINTS=
specify the maximum of neighbors for all grid pointsPREDICTMAXPOINTS=
specify the minimum of neighbors for all grid pointsPREDICTMINPOINTS=
specify action when maximum not metPREDICTNODECREMENT
specify action when minimum not metPREDICTNOINCREMENT
Controlling the Semivariogram Model  
specify a nugget effectMODELNUGGET=
specify a functional formMODELFORM=
specify a range parameterMODELRANGE=
specify a scale parameterMODELSCALE=
specify an angle for an anisotropic modelMODELANGLE=
specify a minor-major axis ratio for an anisotropic modelMODELRATIO=

PROC KRIGE2D Statement


GRID Statement

PREDICT Statement

MODEL Statement

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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