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The NPAR1WAY Procedure

ODS Table Names

PROC NPAR1WAY assigns a name to each table it creates. You can use these names to reference the table when using the Output Delivery System (ODS) to select tables and create output data sets. These names are listed in the following table. For more information on ODS, see Chapter 15, "Using the Output Delivery System."

The WILCOXON, MEDIAN, VW, SAVAGE, and EDF options are the default if you do not specify any analysis options in the PROC NPAR1WAY statement.

Table 47.6: ODS Tables Produced in PROC NPAR1WAY
ODS Table Name Description Statement Option
ANOVAAnalysis of variancePROCANOVA
ABAnalysisAnsari-Bradley one-way analysisPROCAB
ABMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Ansari-Bradley exact testEXACTAB / MC
ABScoresAnsari-Bradley scoresPROCAB
ABTestAnsari-Bradley two-sample testPROCAB*
ClassMeansClass MeansPROCANOVA
CVMStatsCramer-von Mises statisticsPROCEDF
CVMTestCramer-von Mises testPROCEDF
DataScoresData scoresPROCSCORES=DATA
DataScoresAnalysisData scores one-way analysisPROCSCORES=DATA
DataScoresMCMonte Carlo estimates for the exact test based on data scoresEXACTSCORES=DATA / MC
DataScoresTestData scores two-sample testPROCSCORES=DATA*
KlotzAnalysisKlotz one-way analysisPROCKLOTZ
KlotzMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Klotz exact testEXACTKLOTZ / MC
KlotzScoresKlotz scoresPROCKLOTZ
KlotzTestKlotz two-sample testPROCKLOTZ
KolSmir2StatsKolmogorov-Smirnov two- sample statisticsPROCEDF*
KolSmirStatsKolmogorov-Smirnov statisticsPROCEDF**
KolSmirTestKolmogorov-Smirnov testPROCEDF
KruskalWallisMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Kruskal-Wallis exact testEXACTWILCOXON / MC**
KruskalWallisTestKruskal-Wallis testPROCWILCOXON
KuiperStatsKuiper two-sample statisticsPROCEDF*
KuiperTestKuiper testPROCEDF*
MedianAnalysisMedian one-way analysisPROCMEDIAN
MedianMCMonte Carlo estimates for the median exact testEXACTMEDIAN / MC
MedianScoresMedian scoresPROCMEDIAN
MedianTestMedian two-sample testPROCMEDIAN*
MoodAnalysisMood one-way analysisPROCMOOD
MoodMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Mood exact testEXACTMOOD / MC
MoodScoresMood scoresPROCMOOD
MoodTestMood two-sample testPROCMOOD
SavageAnalysisSavage one-way analysisPROCSAVAGE
SavageMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Savage exact testEXACTSAVAGE / MC
SavageScoresSavage scoresPROCSAVAGE
SavageTestSavage two-sample testPROCSAVAGE*
STAnalysisSiegel-Tukey one-way analysisPROCST
STMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Siegel-Tukey exact testEXACTST / MC
STScoresSiegel-Tukey scoresPROCST
STTestSiegel-Tukey two-sample testPROCST*
VWAnalysisVan der Waerden one-way analysisPROCVW
VWMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Van der Waerden exact testEXACTVW / MC
VWScoresVan der Waerden scoresPROCVW
VWTestVan der Waerden two-sample testPROCVW*
WilcoxonMCMonte Carlo estimates for the Wilcoxon two-sample exact testEXACTWILCOXON / MC*
WilcoxonScoresWilcoxon scoresPROCWILCOXON
WilcoxonTestWilcoxon two-sample testPROCWILCOXON*
* PROC NPAR1WAY produces this table only for two-sample data.
** PROC NPAR1WAY produces this table only for multisample data.

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Chapter Contents

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