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The REG Procedure

ODS Table Names

PROC REG assigns a name to each table it creates. You can use these names to reference the table when using the Output Delivery System (ODS) to select tables and create output data sets. These names are listed in the following table. For more information on ODS, see Chapter 15, "Using the Output Delivery System."

Table 55.7: ODS Tables Produced in PROC REG
ODS Table Name Description Statement Option
ACovEstConsistent covariance of estimates matrixMODELALL, ACOV
ACovTestANOVATest ANOVA using ACOV estimatesTESTACOV (MODEL statement)
ANOVAModel ANOVA tableMODELdefault
CanCorrCanonical correlations for hypothesis combinationsMTESTCANPRINT
CollinDiagCollinearity Diagnostics tableMODELCOLLIN
CollinDiagNoIntCollinearity Diagnostics for no intercept modelMODELCOLLINOINT
ConditionBoundsBounds on condition numberMODEL(SELECTION=BACKWARD | FORWARD | STEPWISE | MAXR | MINR) and DETAILS
CorrCorrelation matrix for analysis variablesPROCALL, CORR
CorrBCorrelation of estimatesMODELCORRB
CovBCovariance of estimatesMODELCOVB
CrossProductsBordered model X'X matrixMODELALL, XPX
DWStatisticDurbin-Watson statisticMODELALL, DW
DependenceEquationsLinear dependence equationsMODELdefault if needed
EigenvaluesMTest eigenvaluesMTESTCANPRINT
EigenvectorsMTest eigenvectorsMTESTCANPRINT
EntryStatisticsEntry statistics for selection methodsMODEL(SELECTION=BACKWARD | FORWARD | STEPWISE | MAXR | MINR) and DETAILS
ErrorPlusHypothesisMTest error plus hypothesis matrix H+EMTESTPRINT
ErrorSSCPMTest error matrix EMTESTPRINT
FitStatisticsModel fit statisticsMODELdefault
HypothesisSSCPMTest hypothesis matrixMTESTPRINT
InvMTestCovInv(L Ginv(X'X) L') and Inv(Lb-c)MTESTDETAILS
InvTestCovInv(L Ginv(X'X) L') and Inv(Lb-c)TESTPRINT
InvXPXBordered X'X inverse matrixMODELI
MTestCovL Ginv(X'X) L' and Lb-cMTESTDETAILS
MTransformMTest matrix M, across dependentsMTESTDETAILS
MultStatMultivariate test statisticsMTESTdefault
OutputStatisticsOutput statistics tableMODELALL, CLI, CLM, INFLUENCE, P, R
ParameterEstimatesModel parameter estimatesMODELdefault
RemovalStatisticsRemoval statistics for selection methodsMODEL(SELECTION=BACKWARD | STEPWISE | MAXR | MINR) and DETAILS
ResidualStatisticsResidual statistics and PRESS statisticMODELALL, CLI, CLM, INFLUENCE, P, R
SelParmEstParameter estimates for selection methodsMODELSELECTION=BACKWARD | FORWARD | STEPWISE | MAXR | MINR
SelectionSummarySelection summary for forward, backward and stepwise methodsMODELSELECTION=BACKWARD | FORWARD | STEPWISE
SeqParmEstSequential parameter estimatesMODELSEQB
SimpleStatisticsSimple statistics for analysis variablesPROCALL, SIMPLE
SpecTestWhite's heteroscedasticity testMODELALL, SPEC
SubsetSelSummarySelection summary for R-Square, Adj-RSq and Cp methodsMODELSELECTION=RSQUARE | ADJRSQ | CP
TestANOVATest ANOVA tableTESTdefault
TestCovL Ginv(X'X) L' and Lb-cTESTPRINT
USSCPUncorrected SSCP matrix for analysis variablesPROCALL, USSCP

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Chapter Contents

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