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The SURVEYREG Procedure

ODS Table Names

PROC SURVEYREG assigns a name to each table it creates. You can use these names to reference the table when using the Output Delivery System (ODS) to select tables and create output data sets. These names are listed in the following table. For more information on ODS, see Chapter 15, "Using the Output Delivery System."

Table 62.2: ODS Tables Produced in PROC SURVEYREG
ODS Table Name Description Statement Option
ANOVAANOVA for dependent variableMODELdefault
ClassVarInfoClass level informationCLASSdefault
ContrastCoefCoefficients of contrastCONTRASTE
ContrastsAnalysis of contrastsCONTRASTdefault
CovBCovariance of estimated regression coefficientsMODELCOVB
DataSummaryData summaryMODELdefault
DesignSummaryDesign summarySTRATA | CLUSTERdefault
EffectsTests of model effectsMODEL 
EstimateCoefCoefficients of estimateESTIMATEE
EstimatesAnalysis of estimable functionsESTIMATEdefault
FitStatisticsFit summaryMODELdefault
InvXPXInverse matrix of X'XMODELINV
ParameterEstimatesEstimated regression coefficientsMODELdefault
StrataInfoStratum informationSTRATALIST

By referring to the names of such tables, you can use the ODS OUTPUT statement to place one or more of these tables in output data sets.

For example, the following statements create an output data set named MyStrata, which contains the "StrataInfo" table, an output data set named MyParmEst, which contains the "ParameterEstimates" table, and an output data set named Cov, which contains the "CovB" table for the ice cream study discussed in the section "Stratified Sampling".

   title1 'Ice Cream Spending Analysis';
   title2 'Stratified Simple Random Sampling Design';
   proc surveyreg data=IceCream total=StudentTotal;
      strata Grade /list; 
      class Kids;
      model Spending = Income Kids / solution covb;

      ods output StrataInfo = MyStrata
                 ParameterEstimates = MyParmEst 
                 CovB = Cov;

Note that the option CovB is specified in the MODEL statement in order to produce the covariance matrix table.

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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