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SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

Using SAS with the Windowing Environment

Your SAS session may default to the windowing environment interface. If not, you can invoke the Explorer only by specifying the EXPLORER system option:

sas -explorer
SAS opens the Explorer window.


You can open the Program Editor, Output, and Log windows by specifying the DMS system option:

sas -dms
You can use the DMSEXP system option to open the Program Editor, Output, Log, and Results windows and the Explorer:
sas -dmsexp

SAS also opens the toolbox from which you can open additional SAS windows. For information on using the windowing environment, refer to the online help. For more information on the toolbox, refer to Working in the SAS System Windowing Environment.

To end your SAS session, enter the BYE or ENDSAS command on the command line or select

from the pull-down menu of the session that you want to end.

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