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SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

The Default Routings for the SAS Log and Procedure Output

For each SAS job or session, the SAS System automatically creates two types of output:

SAS log
contains information about the processing of SAS statements. As each program step executes, notes are written to the SAS log along with any applicable error or warning messages.

SAS output
is also called the procedure output file or print file. Whenever a SAS program executes a PROC step or a DATA step that produces printed output, SAS sends the output to the SAS output file.

Default Routings of the SAS Log and Output Files shows the default routings of the SAS log and output files.

Default Routings of the SAS Log and Output Files
Processing Mode SAS Log File SAS Output File
batch filename.log
windowing environment LOG window OUTPUT window
interactive line terminal terminal

By default, both the log file and the output file are written to your current directory. Your system administrator might have changed these default routings.

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