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SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

Previewing Output

If you have host printing turned on, you can preview your output before you send it to a printer, plotter, or external file. For information on defining printers and turning on host printing, see Setting Up Host Printing.

Previewing Your Output

After you generate output to your Output window, issue the DLGPRTPREVIEW command or select

Print preview...
SAS opens the Print Preview window, which contains a snapshot of the contents of the active window.

If your output contains multiple pages, you can

To change the size of the preview output, select 33%, 66%, or 100% from the Zoom selection list.

[Print...] opens the appropriate Print dialog box, dependent on whether you are printing from a text window or printing from a graphics window. This button does not appear when the Print Preview dialog box is invoked from certain applications.

[Export...] opens the Export dialog box, which allows you to export the current preview view to any image format supported by SAS/GRAPH with Image extensions. Select the file or type the filename to which you want to save the view, select the file format needed, and select [OK].

Note:   The display fonts used in the Print Preview window may not match the fonts used when the window is printed. The Print Preview window uses the display font that most closely matches the font that will be used to print the window contents.  [cautionend]

Previewing Output from within SAS/AF Applications

To preview output from within a SAS/AF application, use the DLGPRTMODE and DLGPRTPREVIEW commands to turn on preview mode, print the output, open the Print Preview dialog box, and then turn preview mode off. For example, the following code prints the GRAPH1 object using the host drivers and displays it in the Preview dialog box:

/* Turn on preview mode. */
/* Print the graph */
/* Open the Preview dialog box */
/* Turn off preview mode */

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