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SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

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The directories in the sasroot directory contain utilities, test programs, databases used by the SAS System, and the executable files for various SAS products. You do not need to know the organization of these directories to use the SAS System.

Many of the files in these directories are not text files, so do not try to read a file unless the UNIX file command verifies that it contains ASCII text. If all available SAS products are installed on your system, the sasroot directory contains the files listed here:

is the configuration file for the SAS System.

is a SAS data library that contains SAS data sets used by SAS/GRAPH software to produce maps. You receive some maps with SAS/GRAPH software. Additional maps are available in the SAS Map Data Library Series.

contains miscellaneous files used by the SAS System, including such products as SAS/CONNECT and SAS/GRAPH.

contains subdirectories for different SAS products. Each subdirectory contains sample SAS programs, but subdirectories are not created unless the samples are installed. Since the installation procedure lets the system administrator decide whether to copy the sample programs, this directory may be empty.

is the executable file that invokes the SAS System.

contains predefined SAS macros. See Using Autocall Libraries.

contains subdirectories for different SAS products. Each of these directories contains executable files.

is a SAS data library that contains online help files, menus, descriptions of graphics devices, and other catalogs used by SAS procedures that support windows.

contains files that contain all of the messages and notes that are used by the SAS System.

contains files used by various SAS products such as SAS/ACCESS software, SAS/CPE software, SAS/SHARE software, SAS/TOOLKIT software, and SAS/TUTOR software.

contains test programs that are used to verify that the SAS System installs correctly.

is a SAS data library that contains the data set and programs for the SAS Usage Notes. Usage Notes include helpful hints for using the software and explanations of errors that users commonly make. They also contain information about configuring hardware and software, about problems that the Technical Support Department is aware of, and about zaps (also called patches or fixes), as well as workarounds for these problems. Usage notes are also available from the SAS World Wide Web site:
is the SAS program used for updating licensing information.

contains two subdirectories: bin and man. See The Utilities Directory for more information.

contains subdirectories with files needed for the X Window System. The resource-files and bitmaps directories are here.

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