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SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

Controlling ODS Results

The Output Delivery System (ODS) is a method of delivering output in a variety of formats and of making the formatted output easy to access. ODS can produce an output data set, traditional monospace output (send output to the Listing destination), and output that is formatted in Hypertext Markup Language (send output to the HTML destination). For information about using ODS, refer to The Complete Guide to the SAS Output Delivery System.

SAS.htmlUsePassword: True|False
specifies whether SAS prompts you to enter your password before sending HTML files to your browser. The default value is True.

SAS.resultsAutoNavigate: True|False
specifies whether SAS automatically displays results files when they are generated. The default value is False. If you set SAS.resultsAutoNavigate to True, then you should set SAS.htmlUsePassword to False.

SAS.resultsHTML: True|False
specifies whether the ODS HTML destination is open or closed. The default value is False, which means that the HTML destination is closed.

SAS.resultsHTMLStyle: "style"
specifies the style definition to use for HTML output. The style definition controls such aspects as color, font name, and font size. The default style is "Default". You can specify any style that is defined in the \ODS\PREFERENCES\STYLES key in the SAS Registry. You can open the SAS Registry by issuing the REGEDIT command or by selecting

Registry Editor

SAS.resultsListing: True|False
specifies whether the ODS Listing destination is open or closed. The default value is True, which means that the Listing destination is open.

SAS.resultsTmpDir: "directory"
specifies the destination for HTML files. The default value is the NULL string.

SAS.resultsUseWork: True|False
specifies whether SAS should use your WORK directory as the destination for your HTML files. The default value is True.

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