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SAS Companion for the OpenVMS Operating Environment

Using SAS in the DMSEXP Mode

In Version 8 of the SAS System under OpenVMS, the DMSEXP mode is available on any workstation that uses the Motif interface.

Invoking SAS in the DMSEXP Mode

If you have the hardware and software to run the Motif interface, you can use any of the following methods to invoke a SAS process in the DMSEXP mode:

Invoking SAS with the SAS Command

If the DMSEXP mode is the default for running SAS at your site, then all you need to do is enter the SAS command (or whatever command your site has chosen) at the DCL prompt:

$ SAS8

If the DMSEXP mode is not the default, then use the DMSEXP system option to specify the DMSEXP mode:


As explained in Starting a SAS Session, you can also specify other system options when you invoke SAS in this manner.

To specify a display node, use the SET DISPLAY DCL command. For example, if you want to invoke SAS in the DMSEXP mode and to display the windows on node MYNODE running TCP/IP transport protocol, type the following:


For more information about the SET DISPLAY DCL command, see the OpenVMS online help and OpenVMS User's Manual.

Invoking SAS from Motif Session Manager

You can also invoke SAS in the DMSEXP mode from the Applications menu of the Motif Session Manager. To add SAS to the Applications menu (if it is not already there), perform the following steps:

  1. From the Options menu, select Menus.

  2. Select Applications from the Menu Names list.

  3. Enter a menu item name, such as MySAS, and define SAS8/DMSEXP (along with the appropriate command-line qualifiers) as the DCL command.

  4. Add the menu definition to the Item Names list by clicking on the up arrow.

  5. Add the new item name to the existing list of applications by clicking on the left arrow.

  6. Click on [Apply] and then click on [Cancel] in the Menus dialog window.

  7. Select your menu command from the Applications menu to invoke the SAS System.

Invoking SAS from a Command Procedure File

To invoke SAS in the DMSEXP mode from a command procedure (.COM) file, place the following commands in the .COM file:


The DEASSIGN command prevents OpenVMS from looking for program input in the location defined by the SYS$INPUT logical name, and it enables SAS to be initialized in the DMSEXP mode.

If the .COM file is name MYSAS.COM, then you would execute the file as follows:


For more information about command procedure files, see Command Procedures and OpenVMS User's Manual.

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