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SAS Companion for the OpenVMS Operating Environment

Clearing Librefs

To disassociate a libref from a SAS data library, use the following forms of the LIBNAME statement or the LIBNAME function, where libref is the libref of the data library that you want to clear:

LIBNAME statement:


LIBNAME function:


In both cases, the libref is cleared only if there are no open files that are associated with that libref, and the libref is cleared only for the SAS process or job from which you submit the LIBNAME statement or function.

You can also use the SAS Explorer window to clear librefs, as follows:

  1. With the tree structure activated, select the libref from the Libraries node.

  2. With the cursor on the highlighted libref, click and hold the right mouse button (MB3).

  3. A pop-up menu opens.

  4. Select Delete.

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