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SAS Companion for the OpenVMS Operating Environment

Specifying User-Defined Icons

You can add your own icons to those icons that are supplied with the SAS System. For example, if you want to use your own color icons in the ToolBox, define the SAS.colorUiconPath, SAS.colorUiconCount, and SAS.sasUiconx resources. then, when you are defining tools in the Tool Editor, the Tool Editor will include your icons in the display of icons that you can choose for each tool.

specifies the number of user-defined color icons that are available for the SAS System to use. The default is 0.

specifies the file search path for locating user-defined color icon files. The default is NULL. This string resource may contain multiple directory paths to be searched for a SAS icon file stored in X PixMap (.XPM) format. Use a comma to separate individual directory path elements in the icon path string. For example, the following string first searches for icon files in the MYDISK:[MYDIR1.PIXMAPS] directory, then searches in the MYDISK:[MYDIR2.PIXMAPS] directory:

specifies the maximum number of user-defined icons that are available for use in the SAS System. The default is 0.

specifies the search path for locating bitmap files for user-defined icons. The default is NULL. This string resource can contain multiple directory paths to be searched for the existence of a particular icon file. These files are assumed to be in the X11 XYBitmap format. A comma delimits individual directory-path elements in the icon-path string.

For example, the following string first searches for bitmap files in the MYDISK:[MYDIR1.BITMAPS] directory, then in the MYDISK:[MYDIR2.BITMAPS] directory:


The directory-path elements must contain the complete path syntax.

associates a value with the filename of an X bitmap or pixmap file. The value of x is a number assigned to the file. The default is NULL. A file extension of .XBM or .XPM is automatically supplied.

The resource name used to locate the icon bitmap filename for user icon number x is SAS.sasUiconx. For example, to define the filename MYICON for the user icon 1, you should define the resource:

SAS.sasUicon1: myicon

If the resource name is not defined, SAS generates a filename of the form sasuinnn.xbmor sasuinnn.xpm. The path elements from the SAS.uiconPath resource are searched in sequence until the icon file is found or until the search path is exhausted.

For example, the following set of X resources defines a collection of color icons:

SAS.colorUiconCount: 7
SAS.sasUicon1: adsetup
SAS.sasUicon2: adverse
SAS.sasUicon3: altmenu
SAS.sasUicon4: batch
SAS.sasUicon5: is
SAS.sasUicon6: patgrps
SAS.sasUicon7: pctchg
The Motif interface will search for icon sasUicon1in a file named MYDISK:[MYDIR1.PIXMAPS]ADSETUP.XPM.

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