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SAS Companion for the OpenVMS Operating Environment

Changing Your Current Working Directory

The working directory is the operating system directory where you invoke the SAS System. By default, the SAS System uses the current directory as the working directory when you begin your SAS session.

You can change the current working directory during your SAS session. You can use the Change Working Directory dialog box to select a new directory, or you can use the X command, the X statement, the CALL SYSTEM routine, or the %SYSEXEC macro statement to issue the change directory ( set default) command.

The Change Working Directory dialog box (Change Working Directory Dialog Box) works exactly the same as the Open dialog box (Open Dialog Box), except that you can select only a directory (not a file) from the list. To access this dialog box, issue the DLGCDIR command in the command window, or from the Tools menu in the active window, select Options and then select Change directory.

Change Working Directory Dialog Box


The following is an explanation of the settings:

Enter directory or filter: field
is where you can type in the name of the directory or file filter that you want to open.

contains the names of the directories specified in the Filter field.

contains the files in the selected directory that match the file filter specified.

File type:
allows you to select the type or types of files to be shown in the Files: list box. You can display a list of possible file filters by selecting the down arrow next to the field. Click on a file filter to select it.

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