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SAS Companion for the OpenVMS Operating Environment

Opening Files

The Open dialog box (see Open Dialog Box) enables you to select a file to read into the active window. To access this dialog box, issue the DLGOPEN command in the command window, or select Open from the File menu in the active window.

The Open dialog box displays files and directories as a graphical hierarchy. You will not see directories that you do not have read permission for. Double-click on a directory to list the files it contains. Select the desired file.

You can display a list of possible file filters by selecting the down arrow next to the File Type field. Click on a file filter to select it.

Open Dialog Box


The following is an explanation of the settings:

Enter directory, filename, or filter: field
is where you can type in the name of the directory, file, or file filter (file type) that you want to open.

contains the names of the directories specified in the Filter field.

contains the files in the selected directory that match the file filter specified.

File type:
allows you to select the type or types of files to be shown in the Files:list box. You can display a list of possible file filters by selecting the down arrow next to the field. Click on a file filter to select it.

The Open dialog box displays nonreadable directories with a different icon.

To display a list of all the files in a directory, enter the asterisk (*) wild card in the Filter field or select All Files;* from the list of file types.

The directory listed under the Filter field is the currently selected directory. You can change this directory either by selecting a name from the Directories: list or by typing the new name directly into the field.

You can specify the initial file filter in the File type: field by assigning a value to the SAS.pattern resource. However, the Open dialog box retains its file filter between invocations, so the SAS.pattern resource applies only to the first invocation of the Open dialog box. You can also use the resource to specify the directory that you want when you first invoked the Open dialog box.

Click on [OK] when you have finished making your selection. Click on [Cancel] to close the Open dialog box without selecting a new file.

For more information about specifying SAS resources, see Using X Resources to Customize the Motif Interface.

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