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SAS Companion for the OpenVMS Operating Environment

Macro Functions

The following macro function has details that are specific to the OpenVMS operating environment:

returns the character-string value of the OpenVMS symbol that you specified as the argument. The syntax of this function is


You can use %SYSGET to translate either local or global OpenVMS symbols. If the symbol that you specify does not exist, SAS prints a warning message in the log.

Example: Using the %SYSGET Function

The following example writes square brackets ( []) to the SAS log.

  1. Issue the following command to define a global symbol, HERE, to be []:
    $ HERE == "[]"

  2. Invoke the SAS System, using the invocation command that is used at your site (usually $ SAS).

  3. In your SAS session, assign the value of the %SYSGET function to the macro variable VAR1, using the symbol HERE as the argument.
    %let var1=%sysget(here);
    %put &var1;

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