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SAS Companion for the Microsoft Windows Environment

Routing Procedure Output to a Web Browser

With Version 8 of SAS, the Output Delivery System can create your procedure output in HTML to be viewed in a web browser. If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (IE) or above installed, SAS displays the procedure output HTML file within the SAS System Results Viewer window. If you are not using IE, the procedure output HTML file is displayed in the web browser specified in the Preferences dialog box Web page. Having IE installed lets you stay within the SAS System to view the HTML output.

For more information on using HTML within the Output Delivery System, see The Complete Guide to the SAS Output Delivery System.

Configuring Preferences for HTML Output

For the SAS System to create an HTML file from your procedure output and to know where to display the HTML file, you configure the Results and Web pages of the Preferences dialog box.

To open the Preferences dialog box, select


To configure the Results page of the Preferences dialog box:

To configure the Web page of the Preferences dialog box:

Using the Results Viewer Window

The SAS System uses the Results Viewer window to display ODS HTML output when you select Internal browser from the Results page of the Preferences dialog box . You can open any ODS HTML output listed in the Results window or any HTML file on your system.

To open ODS HTML output in the Results Viewer:

  1. Select the Results window.

  2. Expand the Print folder containing the ODS HTML output by clicking once on +.

  3. Double-click on the output you want to view.

You can compare one or more HTML files by opening multiple instances of the Results Viewer. To open another Results Viewer window, from the Results window:

  1. Click the right mouse button on the output data set name.

  2. Select Open in New Window.

To open an HTML file on your system:

  1. Click anywhere in the Results Viewer window.

  2. Select Open from the toolbar.

  3. Specify the HTML file in the Open dialog box.

The Results Viewer functions are available from either menus or the toolbar. The following functions are available:

displays the previous HTML file in the active Results Viewer window.

displays the next HTML file in the active Result Viewer window.

Save Background as...
opens the Save As dialog box to save the background image.

Select All
selects all text. Selected text can only be copied to the clipboard.

View Source
opens the current Results Viewer page in Notepad. Within Notepad you can view or modify your HTML file. If you modify the HTML file, use Refresh to reload the HTML file in the Results Viewer. To save changes to your HTML files, be sure your HTML files are not saved in the WORK folder or other temporary folders.

opens the Internet Explorer Print dialog box.

reloads the current HTML page into the Results Viewer.

displays the Properties page for the current Results Viewer page.

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