Release Notes

Please note that the following release information is for the documentation provided on this CD and not for the SAS System software.

Index Entries

The "See also" references which appear in the HTML versions of the individual book indexes do not appear in the book indexes available from the Index tab of the Java applet.

The indexes that appear in the left frame of your browser do not distinguish between index entries that are designed to link to topics and index entries that are not designed to link to topics. Index entries that are not designed to link to topics are often used to group subentries. These index entries are selectable but will not change the information in the right frame of your browser. To find information relevant to one of these entries, select a subentry or choose a related term.

Next Button

Use the Next button to move to the next topic in a document. When you select the Next button from the last topic of a chapter, you go past the table of contents for the next chapter, jumping to the first topic of the next chapter. To see the table of contents for that chapter, return to the book table of contents and then select the chapter.

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