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Writes international date values as the name of the month, the day, and the year in the form dd month-name yy (or yyyy)

Category: Date and Time
Alignment: right

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description

specifies the width of the output field.
Default: depends on the language prefix you use. The following table shows the default for each language:

Language Maximum Default
Afrikaans (AFR) 37 29
Catalan (CAT) 40 16
Croatian (CRO) 40 16
Czech (CSY) 40 16
Danish (DAN) 18 18
Dutch (NLD) 37 29
Finnish (FIN) 20 20
French (FRA) 18 18
German (DEU) 18 18
Hungarian (HUN) 40 18
Italian (ITA) 17 17
Macedonian (MAC) 40 17
Norwegian (NOR) 17 17
Polish (POL) 40 20
Portuguese (PTG) 37 23
Russian (RUS) 40 16
Slovenian (SLO) 40 17
Spanish (ESP) 24 24
Swedish (SVE) 17 17
Swiss-French (FRS) 17 17
Swiss-German (DES) 18 18

Range: 3 - maximum width
Tip: If w is too small to write the complete day of the week and the month, SAS abbreviates as necessary.


The EURDFWDXw. format writes SAS date values in the form dd month-name yy or dd month-name yyyy, where

is an integer that represents the day of the month.

is the name of the month.

yy or yyyy
is a two- or four-digit integer that represents the year.

You can set the language for the SAS session with the DFLANG= system option. (Because the SAS Installation Representative usually sets a default language for the site, you may be able to skip this step.) If you work with dates in multiple languages, you can replace the EUR prefix with a language prefix. See DFLANG= for the list of language prefixes. When you specify the language prefix in the format, SAS ignores the DFLANG= option.


The EURDFWKXw. format is the same as the EURDFWDXw. format except that EURDFWKX w. prints dd after the month's name.


The example table uses the input value 15342, which is the SAS date value that corresponds to January 2, 2002. The first PUT statement assumes the DFLANG= system option is set to Dutch.

options dflang=dutch;
The second PUT statement uses the Dutch language prefix in the format to write the name of the month in Dutch. The third PUT statement uses the Italian language prefix in the format to write the name of the month in Italian. The value of the DFLANG= option, therefore, is ignored.

SAS Statements Results

put day eurdfwdx29.;
               2 januari 2002

put day nlddfwdx29.;
               2 januari 2002

put day itadfwdx17.;
  02 Gennaio 1998

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