SAS Language Reference: Concepts

P A R T 1    SAS System Concepts
Essential Concepts
SAS Processing
Rules for Words and Names
Data Set Options
Functions and CALL Routines
SAS System Options
SAS Variables
Missing Values
Dates, Times, and Intervals
Considerations for Y2K and Beyond
Error Processing and Debugging
SAS Output
BY-Group Processing in SAS Programs
WHERE-Expression Processing
Optimizing System Performance
Double Byte Character Sets
P A R T 2   DATA Step Concepts
DATA Step Processing
Reading Raw Data
BY-Group Processing in the DATA Step
Reading, Combining, and Modifying SAS Data Sets
Array Processing
P A R T 3   SAS Files Concepts
SAS Data Libraries
SAS Data Sets
SAS Data Files
SAS Data Views
Creating and Executing Stored Compiled DATA Step Programs
SAS Catalogs
Accessing Data in a DBMS
Compatibility of Version 8 with Earlier Releases
File Protection
SAS I/O Engines
SAS File Management
External Files